Cesspit and soak holes, sewer systems, commercial drainage systems, new housing, ecosystems / biocycles.

Maintenance & repair

Certified drainlayers

Rawson Plumbing's trusted, certified drainlayers can maintain and repair your existing drains quickly, economically and effectively to prevent costly problems in the future.

  • Septic tank and effluent drain repairs and replacement
  • Drain cleaning and repairs
  • Water leak detection and repair
  • Blockage detection and repair
  • Sewer repair
  • Grease trap repair and replacement
  • Regular maintenance checks

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New house build in the Waikato, get our expert Plumbing team on the job

Environmentally friendly biocycle aerated wastewater system

We supply and install biocycle wastewater treatment systems, which can be suitably designed for your specific requirements in urban or rural situations.

Sewer systems

Rawson Plumbing can maintain, repair or replace wastewater and septic tank systems. Sewer maintenance is important as one blockage in your sewer line can result in the entire system stopping, causing problems long-term. For this reason, we offer regular maintenance checks.

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Drainlaying for new housing

All Rawson Plumbing's certified drainlayers hold the highest level of drainlaying qualifications in New Zealand.

We are able to install a drainage system that suits you, recommend brand and product advice, and recommendation on safe sewer access for regular maintenance checks.

Drainlaying services

  • Stormwater and wastewater drainage
  • Trench and dig-up services
  • Septic tank installation
  • Effluent fields
  • Water tanks
  • House connection to town water
  • Soak hole installation
  • Residential, commercial and rural drainage
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As laid plans

Rawson Plumbing undertakes As Laid Plans for all residential, commercial and rural customers.

  • Shows location of pipes underground and around your building
  • Highlights renovation plumbing problems
  • Plan saves you costs by preventing damage to pipes

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Building Consents & Council Connections

All our reliable drainlayers comply with the Building Code and plumbing legislation to enable you to gain a connection to the council mains and a building consent if required. They also prepare all council plumbing documents you need for your building consent.

It is important to have certified drainlayers like us to correctly connect you to the council mains because if not, you may not be able to gain insurance cover as a result of damage.

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Cesspits, soak holes and enviropods

Soak hole installation and maintenance

Cesspits, soak holes and enviropods are drains used to change the direction of surface flooding. These drains can get blocked due to leaves, vegitation, silt and other sources.

As well as the installation of soak holes for new sections, Rawson Plumbing's qualified tradesmen can also repair and maintain your overflown or blocked soak hole or cesspit, quickly and efficiently.

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Soak hole council requirements

Our qualified and experienced tradesmen's work will meet the requirements of the building code and plumbing legislation to allow you to gain a building consent if you need to. Rawson Plumbing will ensure their soak hole(s) are engineer certified.